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New Winter Range

I love launching a new collection and this winter range is definitely my favourite. Drawing on my experiences of working and living in Byron Bay last year, this collection reflects the beauty and colour of the area.

Growing outside of my little cottage in the rainforest was a giant monstera deliciosa which you can see the leaves of in the Jungle print. I just wish I had been there longer to harvest the fruit! You can also see the leaves of my Devil’s Ivy and Chain of Hearts, my two favourite house plants.

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful little family of fairy wrens that would visit the bird bath outside the back door. They were such a delight to watch and you can see the gorgeous blue and pruple male birds on the Birds print.

There’s wheatbags, eyepillows and eyemasks in this range. We’ll also have new Mother’s Day gift packs coming soon as well.

The second fabric range is the new Art range, also available in wheatbags, eyepillows and eyemasks.

This fabric range was based on the paintings I was doing last year in the cottage up in the hinterland near Bangalow. There’s 3 different colours to choose from – Black, Blue and Grey. Perfect for men too, who might like their wheatbags a little more monochrome.

Stay tuned as we have some new Bath products coming up as well…
Kim xx

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Why use a Wheatbag?

Wheatbag love market display

I’ve just finished doing a round of winter markets all over Australia and I’ve had many a great conversation with customers about what is a wheatbag and how can it help them? Let me share with you what I know.

Helping Sore Muscles

Do you sit at a computer all day and get stressed? Do you find that the tops of your shoulders are like two little boulders perched below your neck? I know my own shoulders can get like this and there’s nothing I love more then having a wheatbag on them at the end of the day. So why does it feel so good and how does it help to reduce the pain in tight muscles?

Basically wheat is a great temperature conductor, so when you heat your wheatbag up in the microwave (2 minutes will do the trick) the wheat inside gets nice and hot and can stay hot for up to 45-60 minutes.

Then when you place your warm heat pack onto your sore muscles (this can be anywhere on the body, not just the shoulders) the heat seeps into the muscles and increases blood flow to the area. Blood flow hey? Yep basically when your muscles are tight and sore the muscle fibres have become stuck together and blood flow has become restricted.

Popping your innocent looking wheatbag on these muscles means that the heat gets in, encouraging the blood vessels to open, blood flow to increase and then toxins are flushed out and nutrients like oxygen get in. The result? Less pain and tension for you! Win all round! And all it took was that deceptively simple (maybe a little bit daggy) wheatbag that lounges around the house.

This is the same deal whether you use your wheatbag to help ease your neck pain and stressed out shoulders; to help with period cramps every month; to ease lower back pain or to sooth the pain cause by arthritic joints in the knees, wrists or hands.

It’s all about the heat. Isn’t that nice and simple and drug free!

Strains and Sprains

You can also use your heat pack as a cold pack. If you’re prone to sporting injuries or strains then cool your wheatbag in the freezer. Pop it in a container or bag if you want to store it in there permanently or just put it in the freezer until it’s cold. Don’t worry it won’t get wet, it just gets cold.

Place the cold pack on sore inflamed areas and it will do the opposite as to when it’s heated. It decreases blood flow to the area.

This is great immediately after an injury as it’s the damaged blood vessels that leak into the area and cause swelling and pain.

Lavender vs Clove

The other question I get asked a lot is what is the difference between lavender and clove?

Lavender works on the nervous system to help calm us down, to de-stress and it’s also really great for helping you get to sleep at night.

Clove is a lovely, warming smell that reminds us of nice things like Christmas, chai and mulled wine. Clove essential oil is also a muscle relaxant.

I hope that helps!

In the next blog post I’ll tell you why eyepillows are fabulous and why you’ll fall in love with them.

Hope you have a great week,

🙂 Kim

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Welcome to WheatBags Love!

Hello! You’re here! I love wheatbags and I’m always so happy to hear how other people love their wheatbags too. If you haven’t used a wheatbag before then hold on because you’re about to meet your new best friend. Really. That’s what people at markets and online tell me all the time – “I love my wheatbag it’s like my new best friend!”

Seeing as this is the first blog post here I wanted to give you a little over view about how WheatBags Love came about.

My name is Kim and I’m a wheatbagaholic. I used to be a massage therapist and this is where I first discovered how good wheatbags are for tight sore muscles. I certainly used one at the end of every day after ironing out other people’s kinks all day! I wanted to sell some in my clinic because I knew how much they would benefit my clients. There came the problem. Do you know how many ugly wheatbags there are out there? Lots. You know the ones. The ugly corduroy things that come in such inspiring colours as black and brown. So 5 years ago I started making my own, after all I can use a sewing machine. Picking the fabrics was heaps of fun. Back then I used quilting fabric from the local craft store.

They worked really well and I loved making them. When it came time to leave massage (the poor body needed a break!) I just moved into making wheatbags full time. This is where I started designing and screenprinting my own fabrics. Even more fun.

Along the way I also made cushions, teatowels, handbags then later jewellery all under the label Emiti.

Which brings us to now where in the middle of this year I decided that the wheatbags had been neglected in amongst all the other things I was making. They were still my favourite product because I really felt like I was selling a product that was useful and had meaning in people’s lives. So I created WheatBags Love to give them the spotlight they deserve and they have been loving it. I’ve worked really hard to keep them Australian made wheatbags as well.

Please make sure you check out our stockist page to see all the lovely retailers who have come on board in the last 6 months and if there’s a store near you make sure you get to feel and smell them in person!

Health and looking after yourself are important values for me and I’ll be sharing lots of information on this blog that I find useful and hopefully you will too. I’ll also share images of all the behind scenes action of making our products, as well as interviews with other relevant makers. Follow us on instagram and facebook too to stay up to date.

Thanks, stay tuned and have a great joy filled day!